There’s a charm to his meloncholy... one that draws you in and holds you until the song’s final notes.
— N.M.E.’re left on tenterhooks, clamouring for more.
— The Line of Best Fit
Dalton is the scrappy and energetic indie rock of Brooklyn’s Nate Harar who seems determined to convince us that indie rock isn’t dead just yet... [b]ut what really gets me with Dalton is how effortless it all seems which makes it all that effortless to listen to.
— I Guess I'm Floating
Fragile without veering into pretentious climes, there’s a raw sensibility here which can’t be faked.
— Clash Music
In a year where indie rock seems to have lost some of its luster, Dalton is one new artist that is doing his part to breath new life into the genre.
— Indie Rock Cafe
The 90s inspired guitar rocker has a gritty, passionate styling about it that sold me right from the get-go. Dalton serves as a reminder that indie rock won’t die as long as you take the time to search for the good stuff.
— We All Want Someone To Shout For’s like shoegaze-meets-classic-90′s indie rock with a singer who could have been a star in the 70s folk scene. YEAH!
— KCRW: Artists You Should Know
This is the scrappy, thrown together energy of Brooklyn’s native son... [w]e are looking forward to a full release, but if the two tracks up on his Bandcamp are an indication of things to come… we can’t wait to play in this warm-weather sandbox.
— The Deli Magazine
This is what we want from Brooklyn. Thrashy indie rock made in small sweaty apartments; passionate, restless, yearning and full of life… [t]he hooks come in abundance, the affecting vocals are a howling plea to the world and the guitars shred and then placate, echoing the city they were born in and the way it can switch from madness to sadness in the blink of an eye.
— GoldFlakePaint
...on his self-titled EP [Dalton] finds our young hero playing in a sandbox frequented by the likes of David Bowie and Peter Gabriel ...Certainly not a bad place to start one’s career.
— My Old Kentucky Blog
...Dalton appeared on my radar earlier in the year… [n]ew track What Never Should End is three and a half minutes of gritty pop-punk, barreling it’s way through anthemic to simply blissed out.
— Crack In The Road
Nate Harar is the singular force behind Brooklyn band Dalton. What he created is low-fi pop at its best.
— Yahoo! Voices
Why can’t all music be this great?
— London In Stereo